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Easton Family | 03/27/15

We are members of the American Association of Appraisers and the Women in the Arts association. Have your family heirlooms appraised every three to five years to keep the appraisal up to date.

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Andrea Gutsie | 03/26/15

We do fine art appraisals for museums as well as private collectors.

Alicia Toal | 03/26/15

If you need money and want to sell your artwork, let us tell you its value first. Before you decide to sell a piece of fine art, call on our expert appraisal service to give you the right value.

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Ernest Sherman | 03/26/15

You might want to keep a file of your fine art photos and appraisal forms online so you have it handy.

Deanna Keagle | 03/26/15

Original works of art that have been verified by the previous owner still need to be evaluated by a professional rare art appraiser. If you are an art lover and want to buy fine art as an investment, let us guide you.

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Carrie Brancazio | 03/24/15

We offer expert services that include fine art and antique valuations.

Cherie Altevers | 03/23/15

We are available for physical on site appraisals.

Dwight Moore | 03/23/15

Education includes Harvard University, Oxford University and years of experience in the field of appraisal.

George Geary | 03/21/15

If you have a painting that was done in the last century, be sure to check its value before selling it.

Edward Shearer | 03/21/15

Replacement value is one of the reasons people hire a fine art appraiser to give them the value of their original prints.

Doreen Walsh | 03/20/15

Don't sell any art pieces if you haven't had a recent appraisal.

Arlene Sofranko | 03/20/15

If you have bottles of fine wine, we can let you know the fair market value for resale. If you need an appraisal done long distance, you can send photos or even use a service like skype so we can see the objects.

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Donita Buffalo | 03/19/15

Our professional art appraiser can tell you the exact value of your pieces.

Carrie Bennett | 03/17/15

If you think you can appraise your artwork yourself, you are probably mistaken.

Debbie Bethke | 03/16/15

You need to know the dimensions, the condition and the value of every piece of art you have, you will be in good shape in case of any problems.

Adrian Gonzalez | 03/14/15

Protecting your art investments is very important, especially if you need an appraisal.

Cheryl Rogers | 03/14/15

Whether you have a framed print or a sculpture, we can tell you exactly what it's worth.

Brenda Price | 03/14/15

Call on us before you buy or sell any piece of fine art or rare art.

Angela Przywara | 03/13/15

Do it yourself fine art appraisals are generally not correct.

Andrea Smith | 03/12/15

An appraisal is a document that quantifies the value of your fine artwork. If you want to know whether a piece of rare art is real or not, we can tell you.

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Cherry Doyle | 03/12/15

If you need to authenticate a piece of art or sculpture, give us a call.

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