Aaa Art Appraiser

Audrey Partee | 01/30/15

If you have furniture that is antique and needs appraising, give us a call.

Amanda Schaefer | 01/28/15

An appraisal is a document that quantifies the value of your fine artwork.

Daniel Mazewski | 01/26/15

Authentic pieces of art are rare but can be worth a fortune.

Deanne Knapp | 01/25/15

You need to know the dimensions, the condition and the value of every piece of art you have, you will be in good shape in case of any problems.

Curtis Hall | 01/25/15

If you have signed art piece, you can't take chances by not having a current appraisal done. If your fine art pieces are not insured at market value, you need to do it now.

Alexis Stein | 01/24/15

If your artwork is not covered for replacement value, you could end up losing money.

George Kemble | 01/24/15

If you collect decorative arts, let us give you an appraisal to take to your insurance company.

Chiaki Horiguchi | 01/23/15

Our company is highly respected in international consultancy industry.

Amanda Chinnock | 01/23/15

Be sure to do some research before you make any fine art purchases.

Aletta Schaap | 01/21/15

If you are buying rare art for an investment, we can tell you what it's worth.

Bobbie Bedard | 01/19/15

Whether you are looking for a written estimate for your insurance company or a fine art appraisal so you can sell your pieces, we can help.

Brenda Hans | 01/18/15

We can tell you the value of your antique jewelry and rare artwork pieces.

Andrea Maisel | 01/17/15

Authenticating a painting and authenticating a sculpture consist of different processes.

Brenda Hart | 01/16/15

Be sure to keep a copy of your fine art appraisals in a safe deposit box at the bank in case of a fire.

Cheryl Rumbaugh | 01/15/15

We can appraise your fine art, sculptures, painting and more.

E Mull | 01/13/15

If you want to know whether a piece of rare art is real or not, we can tell you. Before you sell any priceless work of art, be sure to let our appraiser look at it so you don't sell for less than it's worth.

Carter Speer | 01/12/15

We are certified in Bankruptcy Estate valuation for individuals and businesses. If you need a fair market valuation to do a resale on a piece of fine art or sculpture, we can do it for you.

Doreen Freeman | 01/11/15

Buying rare art as an investment may be a good idea, depending on the market.

Angela Brown | 01/09/15

After you buy a piece of art is not the time to do your first appraisal.

Andrew Huey | 01/07/15

What you paid for a rare piece and what it is worth now will almost never be the same.

Angela Knight | 01/05/15

Art gallery owners depend on us to value pieces before they buy them.

Cherry Doyle | 01/05/15

Many people collect sculptures and pass them down to their children.

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