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Evelyn Rowe | 05/03/15

Auction houses online sell fine art every day.

Debbie Easterwood | 05/01/15

Having your fine art photographed is very important for insurance purposes.

Donald Sheeder | 05/01/15

If you want to know how to choose fine art at an auction, give us a call. Call on us before you buy or sell any piece of fine art or rare art.

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Chiaki Horiguchi | 04/30/15

If you are investing in art to be able to sell it later, your personal taste should not be part of the equation. Be sure to keep a record of the most recent appraisals of your works of art.

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Alyssa Bennett | 04/29/15

We can photograph and catalog all your fine art for you.

Aileen Lanuza | 04/27/15

If you don't know the difference between an art appraisal and an art authentication, give us a call. If you are looking to sell your art pieces, you need to know what market value is first.

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Allred Family | 04/25/15

Buying rare art as an investment may be a good idea, depending on the market.

Adrian Gonzalez | 04/25/15

Hiring an experienced appraiser is very important if you want to get a fair price when you sell any artwork.

Andrew Reyniak | 04/24/15

We can appraise your fine art, sculptures, painting and more. If you have a painting that is signed by the artist, it may be worth more than you think.

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Connie Obarowski | 04/24/15

If you think you can appraise your artwork yourself, you are probably mistaken. If you're looking to acquire rare art, be sure to get a qualified appraisal from a fine art expert before you buy.

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Andrea Lucido | 04/23/15

When you want an honest appraisal of your art collection, come to us.

Carmen Biancli | 04/21/15

Beware of appraisers who show up at a local mall and want to buy your rare art.

Darren Bush | 04/19/15

Some families have fine art that has been passed down from generation to generation. You want to pay only fair market value for any piece of rare art you buy.

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Andrea Dewitt | 04/18/15

We offer expert services that include fine art and antique valuations.

Bonnie Sentek | 04/18/15

The best way to protect your rare art during a recession is to hang on to it.

Cheryl Weisel | 04/18/15

We can give you an accurate appraisal of any piece of art you own.

Alison Hampson | 04/18/15

If you need to authenticate a piece of art or sculpture, give us a call.

Andrew Foor | 04/16/15

Authentication of your artwork mean proving that the piece is original.

Angela Cremeans | 04/14/15

Protecting your art investments is very important, especially if you need an appraisal.

Dwight Moore | 04/14/15

If you have family heirlooms that have been passed down from generation to generation, you need to know how much they are worth.

Cheryl Knutson | 04/14/15

We have appraised and curated art collections for corporations and private collectors for years.

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