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Eileen Zdenek | 02/28/15

Original works of art that have been verified by the previous owner still need to be evaluated by a professional rare art appraiser. If you have important documents with historical value, we can tell you how much they're worth.

Ericha Nowakowski | 02/28/15

Using our rare art appraisal expert is a smart move on your part. Getting fair market value for any piece of fine art you want to sell is important.

Alison Ponzo | 02/26/15

We can give you an independent appraisal for corporate artwork and sculptures.

Andrea Baillie | 02/25/15

Authentication of your artwork mean proving that the piece is original.

Angela Lee | 02/25/15

Replacement value is one of the reasons people hire a fine art appraiser to give them the value of their original prints.

Carrie Murray | 02/23/15

If you have family heirlooms that have been passed down from generation to generation, you need to know how much they are worth.

Amanda Lady | 02/22/15

Attorneys use our appraisal services as well as our expert witness services.

Dennis Rainey | 02/22/15

If you need an appraisal done long distance, you can send photos or even use a service like skype so we can see the objects.

Carole Thompson | 02/20/15

If your fine art pieces are not insured at market value, you need to do it now.

Amanda Colebank | 02/19/15

The best way to protect your rare art during a recession is to hang on to it.

Amanda Marley | 02/19/15

Education includes Harvard University, Oxford University and years of experience in the field of appraisal.

Deanna Mccarson | 02/18/15

Don't sell any art pieces if you haven't had a recent appraisal.

Daniel Ladowitz | 02/16/15

You might want to keep a file of your fine art photos and appraisal forms online so you have it handy.

Edward Shearer | 02/16/15

If you have original artwork from the masters, you really need to have an appraisal done every year. Authenticating a painting and authenticating a sculpture consist of different processes.

Alanna Hogan | 02/15/15

If you want to know the current value of your rare art pieces, we can help.

Brooke Diamond | 02/13/15

Be sure to keep all the receipts when you purchase rare works of art. If you have furniture that is antique and needs appraising, give us a call.

Daniel Rauzman | 02/11/15

Buying rare art as an investment may be a good idea, depending on the market. We are members of the American Association of Appraisers and the Women in the Arts association.

Deanna Bond | 02/10/15

If you have signed art piece, you can't take chances by not having a current appraisal done.

Debbie Harper | 02/10/15

We are certified in Bankruptcy Estate valuation for individuals and businesses.

Debbie Hawkins | 02/08/15

Beware of appraisers who show up at a local mall and want to buy your rare art.

Elaine Calderbank | 02/06/15

Many people collect sculptures and pass them down to their children.

Debbie Joyner | 02/05/15

If you are investing in art to be able to sell it later, your personal taste should not be part of the equation.

George Fontanillas | 02/05/15

Beware of dishonest people trying to under value your artwork in these troubled economic times.

Angela Simpson | 02/03/15

If you have a painting that is signed by the artist, it may be worth more than you think.

Cheryl Weber | 02/01/15

If you need a fair market valuation to do a resale on a piece of fine art or sculpture, we can do it for you.

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