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Curtis Skerl | 04/20/15

Be sure to let us appraise your fine art before you buy it so you don't get ripped off. If you don't know the difference between an art appraisal and an art authentication, give us a call.

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Brenda Snow | 04/18/15

Many people collect sculptures and pass them down to their children.

Amelia Delossantos | 04/17/15

Whether your rare art collection consists of oils, lithographs or statues, we can tell you the value.

George Arata | 04/15/15

If you're looking to acquire rare art, be sure to get a qualified appraisal from a fine art expert before you buy. We are members of the American Association of Appraisers and the Women in the Arts association.

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Connie Hotaling | 04/15/15

If your artwork is not covered for replacement value, you could end up losing money. If you are buying rare art for an investment, we can tell you what it's worth.

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Carter Speer | 04/13/15

Be sure to keep a record of the most recent appraisals of your works of art.

Ashley Burris | 04/12/15

If you have original artwork from the masters, you really need to have an appraisal done every year.

Andrea Steele | 04/10/15

Original works of art that have been verified by the previous owner still need to be evaluated by a professional rare art appraiser.

Andrea Lilgaroth | 04/09/15

If you haven't taken photos of all your rare art, you need to do so right away. We do fine art appraisals for museums as well as private collectors.

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Archie Merwin | 04/09/15

If you are an art lover and want to buy fine art as an investment, let us guide you.

Freida Hopple | 04/08/15

If you are looking to sell your art pieces, you need to know what market value is first.

Elaine Shaw | 04/06/15

If you have family heirlooms that have been passed down from generation to generation, you need to know how much they are worth.

Alicia Rhodes | 04/05/15

If you collect decorative arts, let us give you an appraisal to take to your insurance company.

Angela Hohman | 04/05/15

When you want an honest appraisal of your art collection, come to us.

Cheryl Dean | 04/04/15

We are available for physical on site appraisals.

Brandy Rowe | 04/02/15

Folk art and medieval art may not be valued the same by all appraisers.

Elaine Hancock | 04/02/15

If you are interested in buying a piece of fine art, be sure we do an appraisal first. We do restoration for fine art, including photos and prints.

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Davina Stauffer | 04/02/15

Buying rare art as an investment may be a good idea, depending on the market. If you need money and want to sell your artwork, let us tell you its value first.

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Angela Eastman | 03/31/15

The best way to protect your rare art during a recession is to hang on to it.

Claire Sweeney | 03/31/15

Appraising artwork gives you a current value of the piece.

Ashley Ribeiro | 03/30/15

If you have important documents with historical value, we can tell you how much they're worth.

Cherie Altevers | 03/30/15

Call on us before you buy or sell any piece of fine art or rare art.

Bonnie Sachse | 03/30/15

If you have a painting that is signed by the artist, it may be worth more than you think. If you have furniture that is antique and needs appraising, give us a call.

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