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Cassie Fremer | 03/05/15

Attorneys use our appraisal services as well as our expert witness services. If you want to know how to choose fine art at an auction, give us a call.

Debbie Rymon | 03/04/15

If you need to authenticate a piece of art or sculpture, give us a call.

Ashley Redmond | 03/04/15

If you have an old appraisal for your artwork, you will want to get it updated before you think of selling. We are available for physical on site appraisals.

Andrea Ketzler | 03/02/15

Having your fine art photographed is very important for insurance purposes.

Adrian Stamper | 02/28/15

Education includes Harvard University, Oxford University and years of experience in the field of appraisal.

Debbie Wolff | 02/28/15

Many people collect sculptures and pass them down to their children.

Angela Rieke | 02/28/15

Our company is highly respected in international consultancy industry.

Elleen Okada | 02/28/15

We will give you documents of appraisal that you can use for insurance or to make a sale.

Brande Green | 02/26/15

Be sure to keep a record of the most recent appraisals of your works of art.

Billie Austin | 02/26/15

Any artwork that is signed by the painter is probably worth more than you think. Figurines have been collected for years, but you may not know what they're worth.

Amanda Maloney | 02/26/15

Getting fair market value for any piece of fine art you want to sell is important.

Edward Cloak | 02/25/15

Before you decide to sell a piece of fine art, call on our expert appraisal service to give you the right value.

Bonnie Harris | 02/23/15

Auction houses online sell fine art every day.

Dottie Bromley | 02/21/15

Appraising artwork gives you a current value of the piece.

Edward Chemotti | 02/19/15

If you have bottles of fine wine, we can let you know the fair market value for resale.

Connie Brown | 02/18/15

We can give you an independent appraisal for corporate artwork and sculptures. If you're looking to acquire rare art, be sure to get a qualified appraisal from a fine art expert before you buy.

Darlyn Eder | 02/18/15

You need to know the dimensions, the condition and the value of every piece of art you have, you will be in good shape in case of any problems.

Amanda Coe | 02/17/15

We can photograph and catalog all your fine art for you.

Denise Bentley | 02/15/15

Don't sell any art pieces if you haven't had a recent appraisal.

Brandy Rowe | 02/15/15

Using our rare art appraisal expert is a smart move on your part. If you have signed art piece, you can't take chances by not having a current appraisal done.

Bonnie Sachse | 02/14/15

Be sure to do some research before you make any fine art purchases.

Andrea Falcione | 02/13/15

Whether you have a framed print or a sculpture, we can tell you exactly what it's worth.

Ardith Browne | 02/11/15

Be sure to use our reputable art appraiser when you need buying advice. The best way to protect your rare art during a recession is to hang on to it.

Brenda Perry | 02/10/15

Art gallery owners depend on us to value pieces before they buy them.

Cheryl Emerson | 02/09/15

Do it yourself fine art appraisals are generally not correct. If you have a rare piece of artwork you need appraised before you buy it, we can help.

Elaine Conway | 02/09/15

If you collect decorative arts, let us give you an appraisal to take to your insurance company.

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