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Ericka Wallace | 03/03/15

If you want to know the current value of your rare art pieces, we can help.

Cathey Parsons | 03/03/15

We can give you an accurate appraisal of any piece of art you own.

Eileen Clements | 03/02/15

We can tell you the value of your antique jewelry and rare artwork pieces. Our company is highly respected in international consultancy industry.

Donald Sheeder | 02/28/15

You might want to keep a file of your fine art photos and appraisal forms online so you have it handy.

Daniel Carmack | 02/28/15

If you are a collector of fine wine, we can appraise it for you.

Cheryl Rayborn | 02/27/15

If you would like to know how to invest in fine art to make a profit, we can help teach you.

Andrea Paul | 02/26/15

Some families have fine art that has been passed down from generation to generation. If you have furniture that is antique and needs appraising, give us a call.

Denise Hughes | 02/24/15

If you haven't taken photos of all your rare art, you need to do so right away.

Andrew Tiebout | 02/24/15

We do restoration for fine art, including photos and prints. Don't sell any art pieces if you haven't had a recent appraisal.

Arlene Saucedo | 02/24/15

You need to know the dimensions, the condition and the value of every piece of art you have, you will be in good shape in case of any problems.

Denise Zaleski | 02/24/15

Beware of appraisers who show up at a local mall and want to buy your rare art.

Arlene Sofranko | 02/24/15

The best way to protect your rare art during a recession is to hang on to it.

Alison Cranford | 02/24/15

Be sure to use our reputable art appraiser when you need buying advice.

Arlene Rhoades | 02/24/15

If your artwork is not covered for replacement value, you could end up losing money.

Debbie Thomas | 02/22/15

Having your fine art photographed is very important for insurance purposes. If you are investing in art to be able to sell it later, your personal taste should not be part of the equation.

Alanna Hogan | 02/20/15

Authentic pieces of art are rare but can be worth a fortune.

Elaine Klassen | 02/19/15

If you don't know the difference between an art appraisal and an art authentication, give us a call.

Andrea Balsimo | 02/17/15

Authenticating a painting and authenticating a sculpture consist of different processes.

Alexis Axelrad | 02/15/15

Figurines have been collected for years, but you may not know what they're worth. Using our rare art appraisal expert is a smart move on your part.

Alecia Dodd | 02/13/15

Be sure to let us appraise your fine art before you buy it so you don't get ripped off.

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