Aaa Art Appraiser

Delora Taylor | 09/20/14

If you don't know the difference between an art appraisal and an art authentication, give us a call.

Austin Landers | 09/20/14

We have appraised and curated art collections for corporations and private collectors for years.

Brenda Murphy | 09/19/14

Be sure to keep a copy of your fine art appraisals in a safe deposit box at the bank in case of a fire.

Callie Kourtis | 09/19/14

Beware of appraisers who show up at a local mall and want to buy your rare art.

Ashley Shaffer | 09/19/14

Authenticating a painting and authenticating a sculpture consist of different processes. Whether your rare art collection consists of oils, lithographs or statues, we can tell you the value.

Ashlea Heier | 09/19/14

Beware of dishonest people trying to under value your artwork in these troubled economic times.

Galina Inzhakova | 09/18/14

Some families have fine art that has been passed down from generation to generation. Be sure to let us appraise your fine art before you buy it so you don't get ripped off.

Alison Ostman | 09/17/14

We will give you documents of appraisal that you can use for insurance or to make a sale.

Cortly Wilson | 09/15/14

If you haven't taken photos of all your rare art, you need to do so right away.

Ashley Borgfield | 09/14/14

If you have original artwork from the masters, you really need to have an appraisal done every year.

Dpttye Bennett | 09/13/14

If you need a fair market valuation to do a resale on a piece of fine art or sculpture, we can do it for you.

Amelia Delossantos | 09/11/14

If you have signed art piece, you can't take chances by not having a current appraisal done.

Elaine Palmer | 09/10/14

After you buy a piece of art is not the time to do your first appraisal. Buying rare art as an investment may be a good idea, depending on the market.

Angela Rieke | 09/08/14

Protecting your art investments is very important, especially if you need an appraisal. If you are a collector of fine wine, we can appraise it for you.

Dennis Borowicz | 09/06/14

Don't sell any art pieces if you haven't had a recent appraisal.

Cheryl Falkenstein | 09/04/14

Be sure to keep all the receipts when you purchase rare works of art.

Brandi Costa | 09/04/14

If you have important documents with historical value, we can tell you how much they're worth.

Brenda Navellier | 09/04/14

What you paid for a rare piece and what it is worth now will almost never be the same.

Edward Harriman | 09/04/14

The more rare your artwork, the more it is probably worth. Never sell artwork without first having us appraise it for you.

Amanda Dyer | 09/03/14

Any artwork that is signed by the painter is probably worth more than you think.

Amanda Wilson | 09/02/14

Have your family heirlooms appraised every three to five years to keep the appraisal up to date.

Alicia Mcdaniel | 09/02/14

If your fine art pieces are not insured at market value, you need to do it now. If you need an art consultant who can appraise your fine artworks, we can help.

Dwayne Disautell | 09/01/14

Be sure to keep a record of the most recent appraisals of your works of art.

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