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Amanda Woodrum | 05/06/15

If you are an art lover and want to buy fine art as an investment, let us guide you.

Angela Brown | 05/05/15

If you need money and want to sell your artwork, let us tell you its value first.

Daniel Henderson | 05/05/15

We are certified in Bankruptcy Estate valuation for individuals and businesses. Before you decide to sell any of your fine art, be sure to call us for a professional appraisal.

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Brenda Murla | 05/05/15

You might want to keep a file of your fine art photos and appraisal forms online so you have it handy.

Connie Earls | 05/05/15

If you are investing in art to be able to sell it later, your personal taste should not be part of the equation.

Andrea Donahoo | 05/03/15

If you have bottles of fine wine, we can let you know the fair market value for resale.

Cheree Coriz | 05/02/15

Beware of dishonest people trying to under value your artwork in these troubled economic times.

Brenda Setinc | 05/01/15

If you are looking to sell your art pieces, you need to know what market value is first.

Bonita Mccain | 04/30/15

If you have a painting that is signed by the artist, it may be worth more than you think.

Andrea Balsimo | 04/30/15

Auction houses online sell fine art every day. If you are buying rare art for an investment, we can tell you what it's worth.

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Carrie Sykes | 04/30/15

We can tell you the value of your antique jewelry and rare artwork pieces.

Derell Thomas | 04/29/15

Authenticating a painting and authenticating a sculpture consist of different processes.

Galina Inzhakova | 04/29/15

If you have important documents with historical value, we can tell you how much they're worth.

Brandi Costa | 04/27/15

What you paid for a rare piece and what it is worth now will almost never be the same.

Elaine Motta | 04/26/15

We can appraise your fine art, sculptures, painting and more.

Cherie Coe | 04/24/15

Authentication of your artwork mean proving that the piece is original.

Dennis Potts | 04/22/15

When you want an honest appraisal of your art collection, come to us.

Cecily Steinbaker | 04/20/15

Be sure to keep a copy of your fine art appraisals in a safe deposit box at the bank in case of a fire. If you're looking to acquire rare art, be sure to get a qualified appraisal from a fine art expert before you buy.

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Donald Hasemeyer | 04/18/15

Call on us before you buy or sell any piece of fine art or rare art. Education includes Harvard University, Oxford University and years of experience in the field of appraisal.

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Cheryl Childs | 04/16/15

If you need a fair market valuation to do a resale on a piece of fine art or sculpture, we can do it for you. Hiring an experienced appraiser is very important if you want to get a fair price when you sell any artwork.

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Connie Tritt | 04/14/15

We will give you documents of appraisal that you can use for insurance or to make a sale.

Denise Thomas | 04/14/15

We offer expert services that include fine art and antique valuations. If you would like to know how to invest in fine art to make a profit, we can help teach you.

Denise Thomas recently posted appraisers of large collections new Phoenix

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