Aaa Art Appraiser

Connie Insco | 06/28/15

Buying rare art as an investment may be a good idea, depending on the market.

Andrea Maisel | 06/26/15

If you have a rare piece of artwork you need appraised before you buy it, we can help.

Andrea Shackles | 06/26/15

Be sure to keep all the receipts when you purchase rare works of art. Never sell artwork without first having us appraise it for you.

Elyssa Noonan | 06/26/15

We are members of the American Association of Appraisers and the Women in the Arts association.

Carrie Montague | 06/24/15

Original works of art that have been verified by the previous owner still need to be evaluated by a professional rare art appraiser.

Cheryl Jost | 06/23/15

If you are interested in buying a piece of fine art, be sure we do an appraisal first.

Eileen Gorman | 06/23/15

We are available for physical on site appraisals.

Denise Rimmer | 06/22/15

If you need money and want to sell your artwork, let us tell you its value first.

Amanda Delaney | 06/22/15

Getting fair market value for any piece of fine art you want to sell is important.

Alicia Kavalunas | 06/21/15

If you would like to know how to invest in fine art to make a profit, we can help teach you.

Amelia Hasenohrl | 06/19/15

If you have a painting that was done in the last century, be sure to check its value before selling it.

Bonita Tomasko | 06/17/15

We can give you an accurate appraisal of any piece of art you own.

Debbie Hartke | 06/17/15

Before you sell any priceless work of art, be sure to let our appraiser look at it so you don't sell for less than it's worth.

Brenda Scheider | 06/17/15

If you need a fair market valuation to do a resale on a piece of fine art or sculpture, we can do it for you.

Brenda Setinc | 06/15/15

Folk art and medieval art may not be valued the same by all appraisers. We offer expert services that include fine art and antique valuations.

Denise Corby | 06/14/15

An appraisal is a document that quantifies the value of your fine artwork. Our professional art appraiser can tell you the exact value of your pieces.

Alison Steele | 06/14/15

Our company is highly respected in international consultancy industry.

Donald Bennett | 06/14/15

Don't sell any art pieces if you haven't had a recent appraisal. Whether you are looking for a written estimate for your insurance company or a fine art appraisal so you can sell your pieces, we can help.

Cheryl Albano | 06/13/15

Education includes Harvard University, Oxford University and years of experience in the field of appraisal.

Daniel Ramos | 06/11/15

Whether your rare art collection consists of oils, lithographs or statues, we can tell you the value.

Ashley Redmond | 06/11/15

Art gallery owners depend on us to value pieces before they buy them.

Cooper Richardson | 06/11/15

After you buy a piece of art is not the time to do your first appraisal.

Brenda Aguayo | 06/11/15

If you have bottles of fine wine, we can let you know the fair market value for resale.

Ashley Fortin | 06/10/15

Authentic pieces of art are rare but can be worth a fortune.

Angela Przywara | 06/09/15

Call on us before you buy or sell any piece of fine art or rare art.

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